Drone Maintenance


Our trainers are expert UAS/Drone repair technicians. They will provide you with the tools to diagnose and repair your own equipment. You will also learn how to recognize potential component failures before they occur and preventative practices to extend the life of your aircraft and accessories.

Key Topics:

  • Common Manufacturer Component Error Messages and Corrections
  • UAS Components- flight controls, power-plant components, RC control components, flight controller, compass, IMU and more
  • Preventative Maintenance Items- fasteners, props, expected lifespans and more
  • Common Diagnostic and Repair Procedures
  • IMU Calibration
  • Firmware Updates
  • Disassembly and Reassembly of Common UAS Platform

Who are some of the markets we serve:

Local school districts

Local Law enforcement agencies

Real Estate Agencies


We will introduce the fundamentals of drone maintenance using methods that include lectures, labs, videos, and actual drone repair lessons. Students will be evaluated through the entire process in order to assure success. Lessons can be tailored over the course of two weekends, or over any four days during the week. We also offer individualized training with one with one of our accredited instructors. All of our courses are customized precisely to your organization’s needs.


The drone program designed by a Former Airline Captain, ATP, and 2015 Great Lakes Regional Flight Instructor of the Year! The classes with be taught and assisted by current CFI’s that are also certified drone pilots, assuring the BEST instruction possible. Our instructors have been flying drones commercially, specializing in Real Estate and YouTube videos.